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Learn how to create simple mobile games that generate $100-$300/day with no marketing costs.



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Written by Justin G,
Founder of ePlay Studios.

If you've made less than $1,000 from your mobile games and it's already been more than 6 months this is for you.


You might be missing a fundamental skill in game development that often gets ignored.


It's not how much time you put into the game.Nor how many posts you've made about your game on social media.


Nor the App Store algorithm.Truth be told, it's something every successful indie game developer must learn


Instead of searching through the internet, wading through hours of incomplete guides that get you nowhere,


or spending months aimlessly releasing games and hoping they'll get noticed by players,picture how much easier it would be, if the road to make it on Skillz was just laid in front of you.


I know many people who would pay hundreds for this information.

In this ebook you will learn

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