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Get your game monetized with Skillz. GUARANTEED!

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Hosted by Justin G.

For the first time ever I have decided to create a  GAME DEV BOOTCAMP to help indie developers monetize their games with Skillz. This is something I wish I had when I first started. Someone there to literally hold my hand so I didn't have to experience years of trial and error. This is ONLY for serious individuals who want to learn how to scale to 6 figures.

The aim of the Boot Camp is to give you all the tools to be able to confidently build games that consistently generate you revenue. It's like building mini ATM machines that provide money 24 hours a day even while you sleep!


Why Join The BOOTCAMP?

My Personal Guarantee!

I am so confident in this offer that if your game doesn't get monetized, I am prepared to give you a 50% refund. You will learn the exact process I use to generate a 6 figure income without spending a single cent on marketing. No fluff! Just the stuff that actually gets results! 


Price : $999.00

Payment Option 1

Split into into 3 Monthly Payments of $333

Payment Option 2

Early bird discount One time payment of $899

  • How long is the bootcamp?
    The general answer is usually anywhere from 4-8 weeks. It depends on numerous factors like ; - Your experience level - The complexity of your game. - Do you have an existing game that needs to be monetized or are you going to create a game from scratch. - Do you have artwork ready. All these things will factor into how long it will take for you to get your game monetized.
  • Do you help with marketing?
    Yes, I help with both pre launch and launch. When your game is ready I will also send out an email campaign to over 10,000 of my own SKILLZ player base to get you your first seed of players. The value of this alone is worth THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
  • I do not have much experience with game dev, can I still benefit from the bootcamp?
    Ofcourse you can! This is a tailor made approach and I will be working with you directly so regardless of your experience or not, you will learn the same strategies I use today. A few years ago I knew absolutely nothing about game dev so don't worry if you are a beginner.
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    Yes! If we don't get your game monetized you will get 50% of your money back. Don't worry my success rate with students is really high! <95%

Still not sure? Book a FREE 15min Zoom Call with me here:


Choosing the right game


Choosing the right dev team






Leveraging e-mail lists and social media



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